Domain Names

Your domain name, the anchor point of your business online

A well-chosen domain name helps your business move forward


Your domain name is the anchor point of your company in the digital reality. That’s why choosing a domain name is very important. The name of your company seems like a logical choice and is certainly a good idea – you don’t want anyone else using it. But a more generic domain name is also quite a good idea for SEO purposes. Even though nowadays a domain name can contain all possible characters – except spaces – simplicity is the best approach.


iPower, registrar with years of experience

  • First check whether the domain name of your choice is still available. There are numerous tools for doing that. You can check it here, on the iPower website.
  • If the domain name is available, register it here.
  • If your company is only active in the UK, then a or a .uk domain name is a good choice. Going international? Then registering a .com or a .eu domain name is a good idea.
  • Creating e-mail addresses with your domain name, linking from one domain name to another, registering extra domain names: you can manage it all online, whenever you want, via the handy Plesk interface.

Meet the user-friendly Plesk interface here


58.537 domain names registrations, and counting

iPower was one of the first registrars to automate and streamline the process of domain name registration. A good practice we continue to this day and will keep on doing so.

The counter of domain names registered by iPower is currently beyond 58.537 and keeps ticking. There are more than 81 different extensions.

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Tips for choosing a good domain name:

  • Short is better than long. It is easier to remember a short domain.
  • The radio-commercial-test is useful. Say the domain name out loud for different listeners. Is it clear for every listener, without being spelled out?
  • Your company name or something with an important keyword? Your company name is a good but safe choice. You are likely to only reach people who know your company. A domain name with your most important keyword in it, offers more SEO opportunities.
  • Which domain extension? Are you only active in the UK and is local anchoring important? Then a or .uk domain name is a good choice. Would you like to offer your products or services to the rest of the world? Then it is also wise to register your domain name with .com and .eu.
  • The choice of extensions is sometimes overwhelming. Nowadays, all sorts of extensions are available: .expert, .doctor, .fun, .now, .bar, .rest, .food, … They can emphasize the identity of your company, but people are less likely to remember domain names with such extensions.


Is the domain name you have in mind still available?

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