Hosting largely determines your company’s online presence

Web space and email space, the pillars of a good hosting service


Simply put, hosting is space on a server where you can place files. First instance the files that make up your website, so that the site can be accessed from the internet. But you can also make other files accessible. Hosting is in fact online web space that a provider makes available to your company. Often the hosting of your website is related to your email space.

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Hosting at a glance: servers, UPTIME and support

A hosting provider places its services on servers, computers with a large memory capacity. The speed of those servers is a determining factor for hosting quality, next to the preferably constant connection to the internet (uptime). It is also important to be able to control your own hosting and e-mail parameters through a good interface: cheap hosting in an exotic country seems like a good idea, until you need support, but don’t get it.

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Qualitative hosting service from iPower

iPower’s hosting services employ the fastest possible servers, at different locations in Europe and with deduplication: your files are always kept on at least 2 servers, so if one of them fails, another server immediately takes action. This guarantees a continuous uptime. You can easily manage your hosting, e-mail and domain name parameters with the Plesk interface.

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High-quality hosting comes at a price, which is why customers of iPower hosting services have to be able to rely completely on 100% server uptime. Often customers have branches in different locations, from which they always require access to crucial files. Duvel Moortgat, for instance, a major Belgian brewery, has been using the iPower hosting services for many years.

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