Use the internet to build solid contacts with customers, potential customers and other companies.

The entire world can find your company through the internet, but you achieve the most direct and quickest result through opportunities to use the internet to  approach companies and individuals proactively.


Ensure a good relationship with existing contacts

Existing customers are good for the  lion’s share of  every company’s profit. Therefore, invest in taking care of  your existing customers. Keep them informed with regular mailings and handy tips, encourage them with special deals or exclusive discounts. We would like to help you with putting together convincing mailings and landing pages that support your internet activities. To this end, we use sophisticated methods that have proven their efficiency. We even phone your existing contacts to conduct  market researchintroduction activities or to make an appointment.


Professionally approach potential new customers

Thanks to the internet you can  directly make contact with potentially new customers  and a professional approach is of vital importance in this regard: iPower plc can help you in three steps:

  1. With solid target group selection: it takes a great deal of creativity to select from your existing data precisely that which corresponds to your campaign.
  2. By using the right data: whether you make use of your own prospect or customer data or  our B2B database, iPower plc ensures that these are as current as possible.
  3. By sounding out interest: either by means of an exploratory mailing and landing page, which helps us determine which prospects are worth contacting, or by assessing interest through a telephone conversation.


Use data that is as up-to-date as possible to contact companies

Particularly when contacting companies it is important to use the correct information. Naturally you would like your message to reach the right person in the right company. Keeping company data up-to-date is an important task which you can leave to iPower plc with peace of mind. You consult our continually updated database with details from Belgian companies via the internet so that you can select the precise data that you need.


From drafting a simple introduction mailing to an extensive e-marketing campaign with follow-up over the phone: iPower plc has all the necessary expertise.

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