Frequently new blog articles? From €20 per article!

iPower is happy to provide you with additional content for your website in the form of blog articles. That unique content is written around keywords that are most commonly used in your field of business. This offers many advantages, such as a higher position in search results, more visitors, more turnover, better reputation, more interaction and more opportunities for leads and conversions.

Starting at the absolutely competitive price of €20 per blog article!!

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Would you like a sample of such a blog article, tailored to your website and business activity? Schedule a phone consultation here. We will go through the information with you to write it, free and without obligation!

Nothing but benefits:

  • Additional relevant content for your website, making it increasingly attractive to search engines such as Google, thus moving your website higher and higher in its search results.
  • Thanks to that new content, your website will be indexed more often by Google. That also leads to higher positions in the SERPS.
  • New content ensures a higher percentage of returning visitors to your website.
  • More and relevant content also generates new visitors.
  • Your website attracts a larger crowd thanks to additional and relevant information that appeals to your target audience.
  • The reputation of your website will improve, because your potential customers will see it more and more as a reliable source of information.
  • You create more opportunities to generate leads and conversion.
  • Interaction with your website visitors improves because they can comment on the blog articles and share them on social media.
  • Thanks to an intentional call-to-action, you bring readers of the blog articles exactly where you want them to be to generate conversion.
  • We assist you in determining the economically most interesting keywords and their categories, which immediately helps to refine your marketing strategy.
  • The additional content is guaranteed to be unique, even if very related keywords are being used. Thanks to sections such as FAQs, tips and lists of pros and cons, blog articles remain interesting and informative for all readers.
  • We provide seamless website integration, this means the content is automatically published online when you want it, with no action required from your part.


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