Google AMP: The way to make your website faster!

In 2015, 3.6 billion people around the world accessed the Internet from a mobile device. Currently, the number of mobile users is leaning towards 4.5 billion and continues to grow exponentially. So a fast mobile site is important if we want visitors to stay on our site and not surf to the competitor’s (faster) site. In order to solve the problem of slow websites, Google has created AMP.




Google AMP in short:

  • AMP stands for ‘Accelerated Mobile Pages’.
  • Ensures faster loading times.
  • Important for mobile visitors of your website.
  • Easy to combine with WordPress websites.


AMP is now often used to make blog articles display faster on mobile devices, but is currently rarely used to optimise entire websites. iPower does apply AMP to all of its websites. Both iPower‘s site and the sites Keyboost & SEO Page Optimizer are all made in AMP, and now we offer AMP websites to our customers as well!

Test here how fast our own site is according to Google or test the speed of your own website!


Benefits of a fast website:

  • Website users are impatient, a fast site results in less disengaged visitors.
  • Google rewards fast sites by giving them higher rankings in the serps.
  • A fast site greatly influences the performance of paid advertisements.
  • Read here what Google says about the speed of mobile websites.


Are you interested in an AMP website that scores as well in terms of speed as the iPower websites? Or would you like to have your current website made ‘AMP-proof’? Book a non-binding telephone consultation here. You can also e-mail us or send us a message through the chatbot at the bottom right of our site.


About iPower:

iPower helps companies to get the most out of their online presence. For that purpose we develop our own tools and we continuously focus on innovation. Based on proven results, we charter our own course, even if this goes against what internet monopolists try to impose on the world. Read more about our mission & vision!