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A website but no visitors?

A good company has a vision, a business plan, its own image and, of course, a website. That website has to convey the vision, the approach and the character of the company. But even more important: it must also lead to a higher turnover. If your company’s website does not attract enough visitors, then this is a problem.


The higher your website ranks in Google, the better

Google’s algorithm is anxiously kept secret, but there are factors that clearly determine which websites get high rankings in searches.


  1. Technical optimization

    Your website has to be technically sound. Human visitors, but also search engines like Google, evaluate the technical aspects of your website:

  • Ease of use
  • Speed and compatibility
  • Availability 24/7.

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  1. Relevant and unique content

The texts on your website should encourage visitors to take action: place an order, download a folder, contact you. Those texts are not only important for human visitors, but also for search engines. Thanks to content, Google knows which websites to show in the search results for which searches.

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  1. Link building

Search engines increase the value of a website when it receives incoming links from other, relevant same topic websites. The number of links plays a role, but even more important is the relevance and value of those incoming links.

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