New customers are more difficult to reach than people who already know your company. Give your website an additional boost by attracting more visitors.

People who know your company find your website through search engines. But people who do NOT know your company and are using search engines to find products or services that you provide, now those are the interesting visitors. They have a sincere interest in what is on your website and have a good chance of becoming new customers.


You would like more new visitors to your website

You have a good image of who are the  potential customers for your company. Just imagine what they  type into Google when they are searching for what your company has to offer. iPower plc utilises exactly those words for such  searches  (keywords) in order to  bring new visitors to your website. An thanks to the valuable content of your website, these  new visitors become your new customers.


More efficient advertisements with Google AdWords

Advertisements by Google AdWords have proven to work. Furthermore, you know exactly  how much your company spends to advertise in this way. But then you need to choose  the right keywords and to connect a  convincing, inviting advertisement text to it. iPower plc does this for you by means of  your own account at Google AdWords. We optimise them in order to make the largest possible impact, while you keep control of the budget of your AdWords campaign.


Conversion, that is why we do it!

Additional visitors to your website, by means of search engines and through Google AdWords. Lovely, but not enough for your company. You would like that those visitors also actually become your new customers. This is why we analyse for you the best way for visitors to reach your website and which actions they take. In this way we determine which way has the most value for your company and how we can expand it.


Attracting additional visitors to your website by means of search engines by means of typical searches as well as via Google AdWords: iPower plc has all the necessary expertise.

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