Copywriting for quality content

Good copywriting convinces human visitors and search engines

The texts on your website need to convince human visitors, but also search engines. This is definitely worth considering during the process of copywriting. Make sure all parts of your website are textually correct: title, headers, description (the piece of text which Google – hopefully – will show in the search results), structure, links, and of course, the text itself.

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SEO Page Optimizer looks beyond the page you are working on

There are a lot of tools on the market that check if all components of a page are correct, but most of the time they only look the page you entered. The focus is often completely on the keyword in question, and not enough on synonyms and related words. Our SEO Page Optimizer analysis program also looks at the pages that already have top positions for that keyword, compares this data with yours and offers pointers on how to approximate these other pages as close as possible with your own page. SEO Page Optimizer does not only take into account the keyword, but also synonyms and related words.

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Regularly update your content and keep your website alive in the eyes of Google

Google often references all pages of your website. Updates are always a good thing, this shows Google that the website is ‘alive’, that it is active. If you also optimise the content, make it more relevant, Google will give you a higher ranking position in the search results.

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