Your company’s blog website created and managed by iPower!

iPower is your eager partner to take over your efforts in creating, publishing and managing your blog articles. We provide unique content added to your blog at a frequency of your choosing.

Want to increase the value of your website through unique blog content, created and managed by iPower? You can! The possibilities:

  • We help you find a valuable domain name to take over. SO your new blog website takes over the value this domain name has already built up with the search engines.
  • Ipower creates your new blog website and takes care of hosting
  • Ipower provides blog articles with unique content, written about the most important keywords in your field.
  • You choose the frequency at which new blog articles are published: every week, every few days or even every day.
  • Through a deliberate call-to-action, we bring visitors/readers of the blog article to exactly the page of your website where you want them to be in order to generate conversion.
  • Optionally, we manage blog websites for you that are completely separate from your own company website. For example:
    • If your company has different activities, so that there is a blog website for each activity, whose content remains relevant to those specific activities.
    • For companies that need to comply with strictly regulated legislation (such as money lending, lawyer), then a blog website can be created where all blog articles do not need to be legally reviewed.

The costs depend on the value of the blog website on which an article is placed.

Call us ++44 3308 084797 – or e-mail us – – for more information on the possibilities and costs.

Would you like a sample of such a blog article, tailored to your website and business activity? Schedule a phone appointment here, and we will go through the information with you to write it, free and without obligation!

Nothing but benefits:

  • Extra relevant content with a clear link to your website, making it increasingly attractive to search engines such as Google, thus moving your website higher and higher in its search results.
  • Thanks to that new blog content with link, your website is indexed more often by Google. That too leads to higher positions in search results.
  • New blog content creates more visitors who end up on your website.
  • You create more opportunities to generate leads and conversions.
  • Interaction with your website visitors improves because they can comment on the blog articles and even
  • share them on social media.
    Thanks to an intentional call-to-action, you bring readers of the blog articles exactly where you want them to be to generate conversion.
  • The blog content is guaranteed to be unique, even if it involves very related keywords.

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