Technical Optimization

Human visitors click away if a website is technically unsound. Search engines such as Google do not click away, but give websites with technical flaws a lower score and a lower position in the search results. Therefore, make sure that following technical aspects are in order:


Ease of use

A search engine like Google evaluates a website the way a human visitor would. Is the navigation logical and clear? Can you quickly find the information you are looking for? Do important processes such as filling out forms and paying online go smoothly?


Speed and compatibility

Is it taking too long for the content of your website to become visible? Nobody likes waiting icons, not even Google. Does your website work in all browsers, on desktops, tablets and smartphones?

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Always online

Nobody likes an unreachable website. Efficient and reliable hosting is vital.

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A good domain name

Actually, the online life of a company starts with choosing a good domain name. The name of the company is an option, but it mainly reaches people who already know your company. A domain name related to your most important products or services might also be a good idea.

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