iPower helps you to seamlessly link your business software with Exact Online!

Exact is one of the leading accounting applications on the market. If configured properly, Exact can really add value in terms of automation. A drawback of using Exact is that the rather complex software causes a lot of headaches for many business owners. iPower is happy to take these headaches away!!



We ourselves – partly thanks to our technical know-how – have fully adapted – Exact to our business processes. In our case, Salesforce (our CRM system) is seamlessly integrated with Exact Online in order to have all customer data in one place.


With Exact Online …


  • You can manage your entire bookkeeping online.
  • You have a complete CRM system at your disposal.
  • You have access to the necessary bank links.
  • You have access to complete order, customer and stock management.


However, the above points will only really create a streamlined back-end if Exact Online is seamlessly integrated with existing business software. iPower can help you with this. Ask for a custom quote now!


How we proceed:


  • We integrate Exact Online 100% tailor-made for your company.
  • The integration is first done in a sandbox environment where everything is tested beforehand.
  • After any feedback and necessary adjustments have been made, the Exact Online environment can be put live. 


Interested in seamlessly integrating your entire invoicing process with your current software using Exact Online?


Contact us and receive a free custom quote!


About iPower:

iPower helps companies to get the most out of their online presence. For that purpose we develop our own tools and we constantly focus on innovation. Based on proven results we map our own course, even when this goes against what internet monopolists try to impose on the world..

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