An attractive website is good.
A website that generates many visitors is better.
Visitors who become customers, that is the best!

Your website has to ‘grab’ the visitor.

Your website is your company’s virtual calling card. You would like it to match your company image and your house style. A well-thought out design that exudes professionalism reinforces the confidence that the visitor to your website has in your company and convinces him or her to become a client. This is why iPower plc develops a ‘look’ for your website which you can entirely identify with and that reflects the qualities of your company.


The content of your website, interesting for visitors and search robots

The text on your website not only provides your visitors with valuable information, but it also convinces them to take action to make contact with you,  and become a customer of your company. Furthermore, the text on your website determines how well you rate with search engines. iPower plc helps you to write valuable and efficient web texts, with sufficient keywords for the search engines and calls-to-action for your visitors. This enables you to get greater benefit from your website.


Your company grows, your website grows along with it!

You would like to  sell online. You would like to  connect your potential and existing customers to your company  by keeping them informed of  the latest, by offering them extra advantages . You reinforce the presence of your company by linking your website to  social media. In this way you not only reach your customers, but also all your customers’ friends. These are all  growth strategies  with which iPower plc supports your company, with your website as the central anchor point.


Conversion, that is why we do it!

professional website with worthwhile content that attracts many visitors. Lovely, but not enough for your company. You would rather prefer that those visitors also become actual clients. This is exactly the goal that iPower plc strives for at every step of the way.


Support for the practical development of an internet strategy, tailor-made to your company: iPower plc has all the necessary expertise.

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