Link building

Higher website value thanks to links to your website

Content is important, but so are links

Whether your website is interesting enough for Google to give it a high position in the search results, depends for more than half on its content. But the search engine also looks at value, the reputation of your website. Google deduces the importance of your site based on the links from other websites to yours.

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Link building, a particular skill

In an ideal situation, if the content of your website is interesting, spectacular and / or valuable enough,  other webmasters will automatically put a link on their website to yours. You can also propose a link exchange with relevant websites, but this is time consuming and one-to-one link exchange is of little value to Google.

You can also outsource link building. iPower has developed a system for this, Keyboost.

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99.38% success rate!

At iPower we keep statistics of Keyboost’s performance. The free tests have so far led to an increase in Google in 99.38% of cases. In 98.72% of the cases, this resulted in keywords that rose to the top 10!

We strongly believe in Keyboost, that is why we offer you, as a potential customer, a free test. That way you can see for yourself that it works, that your website goes up in Google and this completely free of charge.

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White hat? Black hat? Which is which?

Google itself remains vague about these concepts, so, in practice ‘white hat’ means ‘doing what Google likes’, and ‘black hat’ means ‘not doing what Google likes’. In reality, Google is actually just a commercial company that wants relevant search results, but mainly to display its own commercial activities, such as Google Ads and Google Shopping.

Keyboost has been active since 2014. Its continued success clearly shows that Google has no issues with it.

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