Leemans Kredieten, credit provision for young and old

Mrs. Leemans is a household name as an independent credit broker in Antwerp and the surrounding area. The slogan ‘Borrowing from Mrs. Leemans is like borrowing from a friend‘ is no stranger to that. In the meantime, Mrs. Leemans is surrounded by a strong team of employees. The company operates with its own capital, maintains a flexible decision-making policy, operates discreetly and without much fuss.

A powerful website, with extra support for specific keywords

Leemans Kredieten has had a modern, extensive websitehttp://www.leemanskredieten.be/ – for quite some time now, which attracts many visitors. Under the motto ‘everything can be better’, the people of Leemans Kredieten turned to iPower.

Screenshot website Leemans Kredieten

  • The focus: a number of strong keywords that are often used by people who search for a loan or a mortgage loan via Google.
  • The goal: ensuring that the website ranks higher in the search results of Google and others, for those specific keywords.
  • The intended result: more visitors to the website, but specifically visitors who are actively looking for what Leemans Kredieten offers. The logical consequence is more clients and higher turnover.

The result: twice as many visitors, quadruple the online loan applications

And that worked out perfectly: since iPower NV started paying special attention to the optimization of specific webpages for popular keywords, the number of visitors to the website has doubled! And even better news: the number of online loan applications has quadrupled since then! After all, it’s all about more turnover.

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