The layout of your website: recognisable and familiar

The layout of your website:

– Make your brand / company recognisable

– Avoid too exotic layouts


Choose a style that connects to your company


  • Incorporate your logo, house-style and/or company colours in the website design.
  • If the above are not (yet) available, at least feature your company name the same way it appears in letter heads and brochures, on invoices and business cards.
  • Offer a visual presentation of your company: a photograph of your offices, a company video, etc. An image to set the scene, even if it provides little actual information, can help to inspire trust.


Avoid layout items that are too exotic


  • Have you developed your own font? Most visitors will not have your font available in their browser, so they will not be able see your clever design as intended. Keep it simple: Verdana is still the most widely used and best legible font for screens.
  • Do you want the focal point to be a company video in a special format or a flashing 3D application? Also provide key information in an alternative and easy to digest way. Browsers are a lot more capable than they used to be, but a lot of users do not to install these special features.


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