Support our companies! Wake up the European summit by signing this petition!

Over 100 million Americans have already been vaccinated.  By May, the United States will be virtually corona-free. From May onwards, Americans will be able to again lead normal lives, all shops will be open and businesses will be working at full capacity. In addition to the economic growth that this will generate, 1.9 trillion (=1,900 billion) dollars will be injected into the US economy thanks to the recovery plan approved last weekend.


The USA is economically outpacing the EU, not to mention China.

Once all Americans have been inoculated, we, the EU, will not even be halfway. Even worse, we might still be in the third wave. While we desperately have to remain indoors, count every euro and our companies are drowning in debt, we will be flooded by an American tsunami.

If we, in Europe, do not take action now, our (European) companies, which were healthy before the COVID19 crisis, and are now in trouble because of it, will acquired for next to nothing. As a result, we will become nothing more than puppets of foreign companies. Who, of course, have the necessary expertise to channel their profits to avoid as much as possible having to pay (European) taxes.


Prevent the economic recovery going down the vaccination path!

Europe is falling hopelessly behind when it comes to vaccination, even Chile does a better job than any other country in the European Union. Prevent the same from happening to our economy! Hence my appeal in an open letter to the European government.

A foreign invasion is imminent! The European government needs to ensure that our companies can defend themselves. Not with complex subsidies that require financial experts to apply for them, but with simple and targeted solutions, intended only for European companies and not to fill the bank accounts of (subsidiaries of) foreign companies.


Help wake up the EU and sign the petition!

Do you know people who have been financially affected by the corona crisis? Business closed? Temporarily unemployed? Or have you suffered loss of income yourself? Leave your name, e-mail, city and possibly your company name, website and why you are signing the petition below as a reaction, and urge the European representatives to take action NOW, so we prevent even more European companies from going under after the crisis.

If you also want Europe to take action NOW to support our European businesses:


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