Conversion: when the goal of your website has been reached

Conversion occurs when a visitor to your site or webpage does exactly that what you developed the site or webpage for, if the visitor reaches its goal.

Different websites, different goals, different conversions

The purpose varies from website to website and even from webpage to webpage.

– In a webshop, the logical goal is placing an order. The conversion is achieved when a visitor has placed an order or made a payment. But downloading a manual is also considered as conversion.

– An example of conversion for an informative government website is when a visitor has downloaded a leaflet. Another possible goal is scheduling an appointment.

– Conversion for the website of a construction company can be when a visitor requests a quotation, fills out a contact form or asks for information by phone. The last example of conversion is of course difficult to measure.

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Determine a value for your website’s conversions

It’s great when you can determine the value of a goal. For orders this is easy – the profit margin of the ordered product – but customers often come back. If you include this value, you can define long-term expectations and take them into account.

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Ease of use is an important factor in conversion

The ease of use of your website has an important influence on the conversion. If you make it difficult for visitors to reach their goal, they lose patience and click away to the competition.

Examples of why people click away:

– Difficult payment or order process: if visitors to your webshop do want to order, but first have to go through a process that is too lengthy or have to fill out too much data before payment is completed, you will lose them somewhere halfway.

– Do users of your website have to click from one webpage to another before they can find what they might be looking for? Also then they are likely to quickly leave for the competition.

– Does your website offer too much information and visitors lose sight of their goal? Is the navigation of your website unclear and do visitors lose sight of where they will end up? These are also aspects that have a negative influence on the conversion of your website.

Good calls-to-action: the most important conversion drivers

Another important and often overlooked conversion driver: good calls-to-action.

A call-to-action is an active encouragement for the visitor to immediately do ‘something’.

– People do something a lot faster when they are being encouraged to do it.

– A website with only factual information or a website that invites them to take action: Internet users always value the latter more.

Calls-to-action contribute the most to conversion: visitors do not only absorb the information on the website, but also use it, they take action. Calls-to-action truly make your website interactive.

The result of a call-to-action can often be measured: ‘Download the manual of the DustBuster vacuum cleaner here’ leads visitors to another webpage. Your website statistics will show how often people visit that webpage, so also how often the call-to-action was successful.

Examples of call-to-action:

– Forward this page to a friend

– Click here for all our promotions

– Get a free monthly e-marketing tip –> – your email address —

– Please consult our Facebook page for last-minute information about our offers.

– And the ‘all-time favourite’: Order now and receive a free gift!

Measuring is knowing, so track your visitors

To assess and improve conversion, you need to know how a user behaves during a visit to your website. It is important to track visitors to your website, because measuring is knowing.

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Google Analytics is an excellent tool to measure the behaviour of visitors to your website, but not the only one. The advantage is that Google Analytics is free of charge, but mind that Google will use the data collected a lot more extensively than you can ever do.

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Video: complete control over the content that visitors really see

Quality content also contributes to a high conversion rate, but you can’t force visitors to simply process the information you are offering. However, people like to watch videos and can be encouraged to click on a – short, attractive – video. In such a video, you can show the visitor exactly what you want to tell them, with the necessary call to action. With complete content control, you can send visitors exactly where you want them to go. That’s why efficient videos can boost website conversion.

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